Pool Glow SLIM265 Surface Mount Pool Light - 18W & 30W

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This slimline light not only has a super bright light, it also provides better protection from being broken. The LED chipset has been specifically designed for widespread underwater illumination, ensuring there are no hot spots. Compared to other pool lights, this slimline design sits flatter to the pool wall so it is less likely that it can be trodden on or pool cleaners getting caught on it. This light is best suited for new pool builds (pool builders or self-managed projects) or when retrofitting old lights. 

The leakproof light is 250% brighter than regular pool lights with 16 pre-programmed light scenes built-in which can be changed via a remote control or a switch. A retrofit bracket that is templated for all makes and models is available for purchase to ensure an easy changeover. It can be installed with or without a bracket.

Colours available:

  • Multi-coloured (RGB - 18 watt) (includes blue only and white only)
  • Multi-coloured (RGB - 30 watt) (includes blue only and white only)

Case available:

  • Polycarbonate
Free heat shrink and resin crimp included with each pool light.

Other accessories available for purchase to help with installation:

  • 12v transformer
  • Remote controller

See Pool Glow SLIM265 brochure for technical specifications.

Must be installed by licensed electrician