Pool Glow Mini 100 Insert Light

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The Mini100 is a leakproof light which is used for multiple light replacements, including the Poly Optics range, Glow and Flow series. It has a higher light output and wider beam than the original lights and provides even illumination. It is also simple and easy to fit as it inserts into the existing pool light enclosure.

It has 16 pre-programmed light scenes built-in which can be changed via a remote control or a switch. 

Colours available:

  • Multi-coloured (RGB - 6 watt), including static colour display.
  • Blue only (7 watt)

Case available:

  • Polycarbonate
Free heat shrink and resin crimp included with pool light.

Other accessories available for purchase to help with installation:

  • 12v transformer
  • Remote controller

See Pool Glow Mini 100 brochure for technical specifications.

Must be installed by licensed electrician